1. Th3XeonPlat

    TeamSpeak Ultimate Enduser CPanel

    Hello Everyone, How are you doing i hope your doing good :D i had an idea about making a teamspeak control panel for users they are everywhere these days but my idea maybe a little bit different which is make it remote hosted so all you have to do is Signup at my website and after that get a...
  2. Celso

    Website dashboard

    Does anyone have this web script? I've been looking to download it a while now. I would be very grateful if anyone has and can share :)
  3. A

    I'm looking for ts3 sales script

    Hi guys, For some time I've been curious about looking for a way to create an online website (including a shopping area and, consequently, a personal area) where in the shopping area you can autonomously choose your slots and all the information you provide from any hosting when purchasing a...
  4. Alligatoras

    Free Teamspeak Website (Wruczek)

    Alligatoras submitted a new resource: Free Teamspeak Website Template (Wruczek) - Free Teamspeak Website Template (Wruczek) Read more about this resource...
  5. Muntadher Safaa

    I Need Help With Server Edit Script

    Name of the script: Server Settings Functions of the script: You Can Edit Your Server Name And Welcome Meesage Form Web . Why do you want it: I Need It For My New Panel That I'm Working On. Screenshots: Orginal source (if any)...
  6. Muntadher Safaa

    Help With This Script

    Hello R4p3 I'm Making TeamSpeak 3 Panel And I'm Trying To Make Make Server From Website I'm Using The Script Down But Its Not Working If You can Help Me with Fixing It I Will Appreciate it. <?php // load framework files require_once("settings.php")...
  7. K

    Tutorial WWW Panel , Author (Classkaii)

    Hello, today provides the Panel Web servers Teamspeak 3. This panel is written in Polish language but as someone I need for your Teamspeak server in another language Google translator always you will help Good luck This is probably my last post I think so but I'm not sure VirusTotal Scan ...
  8. anonz

    WebControl Painel ICON/Channels

    Hi, Does anyone know where can I get this type of script ?

    How to Make Not Connected Page

    One Of The Servers Have This Page In Their Panel I'm Wondering if I Can Get The Script For Free Example : IF You Have It I Will Be So Thank For Sharing it
  10. Muntadher Safaa

    I Need This Bot

    Hello Guys i Was wondering if i can find this script its called channel panel Here Is Example : Please Share if you have it Thx:)
  11. Muntadher Safaa

    Music Bot With Commands

    Hello Everyboy Im looking for bot that work with comands if you share it with me i will be greatfull Thanks!!!
  12. Muntadher Safaa

    I need Bot

    There is A bot that send poke to admin when client join Support room if you have it can you share it with me plz ;):)
  13. C

    Web Control Panel Overview

    Some of these will be out dated or not in development any more , if you know any not on the list feel free to post what one's you know of / use FREE TeamSpeak 3 Webinterface ( i'm useing this one its simple and works great )...