1. A

    Not Able To Find This Game!

    I recently purchased 'New World' from Steam. But I am having a problem when I am going to play the game, Steam can't recognize the game. I updated Steam, but still, the problem persists. Does anyone have any idea about how can I able to fix it?
  2. DalexHDYT

    Steam & TeamSpeak integration soon... Welcome Open source, Welcome SteamSpeak!

    First, if you reached this post, thanks for clicking on to it, really appreciated :) Now let's get in dipper: What is SteamSpeak? SteamSpeak is a Node.js and VueJS application which allows you to power up your TeamSpeak3 server: Integrate your server with steam built-in rich presence...
  3. @semilla

    Change COD:WWII by Beta TS5

    Good, I change the game code of the call of duty: wwii (steam) for a beta key of teamspeak 5. if there is anyone interested to contact me.
  4. T

    Steambot(Like, Commend)

    Hey, i need a Bot which using a Accoutlist to Like Steam Guides, Artworks and Screenshots, Comment Steam Profiles and Follow Guide Profiles. I will pay for it. PSC & PP. Kind Regards, Tim
  5. Kieran

    Launch steam games on user PC

    I was playing around with href's in HTML and realized that I can use "steam://rungameid/" to launch games when you click. Chrome will ask if you want to trust that BUT teamspeak doesn't. That means you can just poke somebody with (without the dots) [.url=steam://rungameid/GameIdGoesHere]Lol look...
  6. L.

    [Steam] Oversized Character

    Hey, you can use >⎛< and >⎞< as oversized character to make your Steam Profil/Name look better. >⎝< or >⎠< Regards