1. c4NN

    TS3Bot.Net - JTS3Servermod

    Free JTS3Servermod (TS3 Bot) Project is live in Beta version. It will be released for free. Those who want to use it can contact via private message or discord. https://ts3bot.net/ https://ts3bot.net/discord
  2. fahad

    Need a Teamspeak php Developer

    ✦ need a developer important please ✦ ✦ i'll pay for the work ✦ ✦ my discord FHD#8898 ✦
  3. AndryGabry

    Commands bot with ts3 framework

    hi, I've been trying to learn how to use ts3framework for some time. in these days for this reason I tried to understand, how to create an event in which the bot receives a command from a user and it responds with an action or a message. but I did not succeed; so I ask who wants and time, if I...
  4. Joxiii

    List of all TS Bots (Not MusicBot) you know!

    I know JTS3ServerMod RbMod have you a Bot like this TS Server : Thanks!