1. XARON

    Server AFK Checker (Web & SvSide)

    Hi, i've got script request from @BIOS . This script is controlling client last login times. If someone has not connect in within the last 24 hours, the server changes its name to "AFK". You can use with (web) cron or sleep looped while in command line. Like for more scripts. Have fun :)...
  2. XARON

    [PHP] Block Bots with CloudFlare

    Hello everyone, i I'd like to share with you this class i developed a long time ago to protect from bots. I'll keep developing if you like :) <?php class CloudFirewall { private $email; private $key; private $curl; public function __construct($email, $key) {...
  3. XARON

    TeamSpeak 3 - Banner 1.0.4

    #Installation Upload all files to your server. Open ./vendor/config.php Edit server settings Get API key from apixu.com after activate & set key Enjoy!