Setting up WordPress Vultr PhotoMe Theme - backup - export - import - database - files


Apr 25, 2015
  1. Purchase the PhotoMe theme for your WordPress.
  2. Register and login to this website (Vultr).
  3. Make sure to get the Installable WordPress file, and your licensing code as we will be setting up the demo theme.
  4. Deploy a new High Frequency instance within Vultr.
  5. Select WordPress, after selecting a high frequency plan/location:
  6. Name your server something, I set the hostname to photome.
  7. Click the blue Deploy Now button
  8. Wait a few minutes, and select photome after 1633308558139.png turns into "Running" - you may have to tap F5 occasionally for quicker status checks.
  9. Once you click onto your server, you should see Application Information, there should be a link to your /wp-admin page, along with a username and password. Proceed to login!
  10. You will be prompted to select a language, pick and select Continue.
  11. Provide a site title, and choose credentials you will remember. Then select Install WordPress.
  12. Once you login with your credentials, navigate to Appearance >>> Themes.
  13. Select Add New, up top.
  14. Select Upload Theme, up top.
  15. Select Choose File button, and select your WordPress installable PhotoMe theme file.
  16. Once you click Install Now, after selecting your PhotoMe theme - click the blue Activate link.
  17. Click the INSTALL PLUGINS button, on Theme Setting tab.
  18. Bulk select all items, and for the bulk action - select Install. This may take a moment, then tap the link below - Return to Required Plugins Installer.
  19. You will notice 1 or 2 plugins did not install yet, this is due to lacking the license code. Select Theme Setting, on the left menu.
  20. From the Theme Setting page, click on Registration. You will be prompted for the product code, enter this - it is from the PDF file we already downloaded earlier.
  21. Now you will be able to install the remaining plugins, and import Demo Content.
If you wish to backup your website, install the WPvivid plugin and you will be able to easily migrate content.

Any questions? Just register on this forum and type a response.