Torrent tracker server help


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Jan 30, 2016
I want to create a torrent page. What tracker server program do you recommend. Could you help me?


May 16, 2020
What is the point of the torrent page? There are different recommendations, depending on the goal you want to achieve.


Apr 25, 2015
Lol, how are we page 1 on Google when searching for help on torrent tracker servers? Insane.

Anyway let’s cover all the bases.

Begin by searching all across GitHub for
Code: torrent tracker server

A great list can be found here

Depending on what you want to do with the torrent tracker, your selection could vary for hosting. As an example, if you want to host “copyright protected artwork,” then you want hosting in a “DMCA free host”, some hosts call this “DMCA ignored” - you may want to start with a VPS host, and eventually work up to dedicated, and then some sort of cloud hosting. Although oftentimes, with cloud hosting they can have strict rules. So you may get dedicated servers in America, Europe, and Asia. AMER/EMEA/APAC coverage, then load balance your website to load from correct server with a web gateway of sorts; fancy proxy.

In a way, just making your own global cloud. You may also become interested in using a hypervisor as you scale, such as ESXi, Proxmox.

But ultimately, some VPS options such as AlexHost, AbeloHost, or Shinjiru - these are DMCA ignoring hosts.

To register, you just select and register hosting for example on

Keep in mind there are many considerations, such as will your website use Cloudflare? Do you plan to add mod_security to add extra web firewall protection. Some performance hit on website connections, yet added security. These are all planning decisions.

As mentioned above, without further details it’s hard to direct or point in the right direction regarding torrent servers. Keep in mind also, I’m not recommending getting involved in this because The Pirate Bay has been pwned legally, “Kim dot com raid” and more. They also had what they thought was bulletproof hosting, or DMCA ignored hosting. They still got into legal battles as they grew larger.

The point is simply this - is the risk worth the reward? Your choice ;) and also, depends on the intent of making a website like this.