No permission to download
  • Fixed both of the SSH features not working when username and/or password included double quotation marks (") and/or trailing backslashes
  • Updated copyright year in about box
  • Updated client version
  • Increased time limit to February 2022
  • Fixed “Use server permission system” not supporting non-ASCII characters (only affects German version)
  • Permissions now automatically update if permission version doesn't match (which is different from the infamous message displayed before, which only displayed on newer versions)
  • Nonetheless, updated permissions to version 24
  • Updated client versions (also, removed all versions before 3.3.0, because no server version released within the last years does support them)
  • Updated console autocomplete
    • Note: banclient really only works with clid arrays, but not uid (which is undocumented, is the but the way the TS3Client works)
  • Fixed icon glitch in ban list
This release includes a lot of TeaSpeak compatibility fixes. It requires TeaSpeak 1.4.10-beta and supports TeamSpeak v3.10.0. At the time of the YaTQA release, that TeaSpeak version has not yet been released, but the TeaSpeak version YaTQA supported prior to this release is way too old anyway.

  • Fixed cliendbinfo (and clientgetnamefromuid) being called when not needed, resulting in a query for 0 clients’ information and therefore 1539 parameter not found
  • Adjusted some stuff to make YaTQA compatible with TeaSpeak’s music bot management features again
    • Note: TeaSpeak 1.4.10-??? (01 Mar 2020) is required because while implementing the adjustments, I found numerous bugs in TeaSpeak that Markus had to fix first.
    • Note: There’s reason why the TeaSpeak version requirement does not say “or newer”.
  • Fixed file transfer UI glitch
  • Adding songs to a TeaSpeak playlist now updates the displayed list view.
  • Added setting the current song of a TeaSpeak music bot by double-clicking an item in the queue
  • Added reordering TeaSpeaks playlists via drag and drop
    • Note: Dragged songs (multi-selected is supported) will be placed after the song you dropped them on.
    • Note: Of course, you cannot drop items on selected items.
  • ––– German development snapshot updated here, see below for download –––
  • ––– internal progress until here –––
  • clientaddservergroup can now add the explanation about Server Query Groups to error 512 message it causes
  • Removed Blacklist1 because TeamSpeak’s servers are no longer running; please use Blacklist2
    • Note: This includes removing the -b startup switch
  • Increased time limit to February 2021
    • Note: Because there is very little important development in both, TeamSpeak and YaTQA, I see no reason to stick to the 6-month time limit.
YaTQA will continue to support 3.9.0 at least until the free license ends on January 31st (which is also the end date of the 3.7 and 3.8 series, but you cannot use YaTQA on those servers).

  • Fixed channel tree restore failing with 1538 invalid parameter if migrating from 3.0.10+ to 3.0.10+
    • Note:YaTQA now strips channel_unique_identifier.
  • Updated parameter help for serversnapshotdeploy to include -keepfiles
  • Added four new badges
Still supports 3.9.x (at least beta1, which is 1560506144), even though it will suggest that you update your server. You can ignore that if you want, YaTQA will work normally.

  • YaTQA now always sends -keepfiles with serversnapshotdeploy. Should you really need an option to turn that off, tell me why. Old servers don’t seem to care. At least 3.9.1, you shouldn’t use the others.
  • Fixed about box saying that this and the previous version were for 3.10.0. It’s not. You can use it with 3.9.x.
  • Added Tim O’Lantern
  • Added new Android version and Desktop versions to choose from
    • Note: I’m not in the TeamSpeak 5 beta, so I don’t know which TeamSpeak 5 versions are relevant. /Update 15 Nov 2019: A fellow user sent me a key.
  • Fixed colons in IPv6 not being removed from snapshot filenames
Because I disapprove the dropped support for pre-3.3.0 clients, this is one of the few YaTQA versions to support previous versions. All YaTQA versions released in 2019 and most likely a few more will support 3.9.0 series.

The YaTQA series might be renamed into the 3.9.9 series.

Update from 15 Sep 2019: Support for Facebook Zstd (called “version 2 snapshot” by TeamSpeak, though the Zstd-encoded data wasn’t changed) might be added at some point. Until then, snapshots created by 3.10.0+ versions can be deployed verbatim only. Please create pseudo snapshots if you want to manipulate snapshots you create with 3.10.0+ servers. Starting with this version, pseudo snapshot manipulations are supported. That means the only downside of pseudo snapshots is when you want to manipulate a server but want to keep its identity. You can also use a Base64 decoder and then Facebook Zstd decompressor to convert 3.10.0+ snapshots into normal snapshots.

  • Error 2 (not implemented) is now regarded a possible YaTQA error (this is the error code used by TeaSpeak in situations where TeamSpeak would respond with 256 command not found)
  • Added compatibility for inverse id parameters in 3.10.0+ permfind result
  • Fixed AV when stopping the currently selected server
  • Removed some feature that checked pseudo snapshots for integrity to prevent users from using them to gain access to snapshot manipulation features
    • Note: Pseudo snapshots require keeping the keypair to be deployed because they do not include one. This required keeping rehashing. Because these were all premium features before, YaTQA checked if the snapshot contained “YaTQA” as pseudo keypair and had a valid hash. The above change is that a valid hash is no longer required.
  • Added quick fix for All User Permsfeature because of permfind results being no longer in any particular order anymore (at least tier 1, which is for client permissions and used by the aforementioned feature)
    • Note: This fix is of quite bad performance especially on big servers
  • Snapshot manipulation features now report that they are not compatible with version 2 snapshots
    • Note: Quick analyses of snapshots suggest that they are likely not only compressed but also encrypted, even without password. I’ll be working with WolverinDEV from TeaSpeak to find out more. If I can easily turn them into version 1 snapshots and back, those features will be made available for version 2 snapshots.
      Update: Facebook Zstd is used and snapshots without passwords are not encrypted.
    • Note: channel_unique_identifier can work with pseudo snapshots (despite being a 3.10.0+ feature in a pre-3.10.0 snapshot (“version 1 snapshot”) output format), however, I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to add it. Feel free to send comments if you want it.
  • Under some circumstances, keeping the keypair (or generating a new one, e.g. to allow copies) now deploys the snapshot with an emptykeypair (instead of creating a new server only to retrieve its keypair and insert it into the snapshot), which implicitly seems to make the server generate one automatically
    • Note: I found that out by coincidence: Keeping the keypair (or generating a new one 3.10.0 server which does not return a readible snapshot) still works (and automatically results into an empty keypair)
    • Note: This change is not in effect if the server is pre-3.10.0 and either the snapshot contains passwords or a server is overwritten (neither of these will work with 3.10.0+ servers)
  • Fixed memory leak when replacing passwords in snapshots
  • Added new client versions to choose from

Overview of possible situations/constallations to keep in mind when deploying snapshots after the release of the 3.10.0 series​

In a full pre-3.10.0 environment (servers and snapshots), all snapshot could be deployed and all YaTQA snapshot manipulation features were available. Starting with 3.10.0, this gets extremely complicated:

  • Q:What is the version of the snapshot to be deployed?
    • A: Version 1 or pseudo. Q:Is the keypair to be manipulated (deploying pseudo snapshot, keeping keypair)? [Rehashing is not in question here.]
      • A: Yes. Q:Is the server 3.10.0+?
        • A: Yes. Q:Do you overwrite an existing server?
          • A: Yes. → YaTQA error message: Cannot keep keypair of existing server on 3.10.0+ instances anymore.
          • A: No. Q:Does your snapshot contain passwords?
            • A: Yes. → YaTQA warning (cannot retrieve new keypair for salting passwords). → YaTQA removes all passwords and deploys the snapshot with no keypair at all, so the server will create one. (Dropped passwords implicit keypair constellation.)
            • A: No. → YaTQA deploys the snapshot with no keypair at all, so the server will create one. (Implicit keypair constellation.)
        • A: No. → OK, snapshot can be deployed, all features are available. (Full-featured fully pre-3.10.0 constellation.)
      • A: No. → OK, snapshot can be deployed. (Verbatim version 1 or upgrade constellation.)
    • A: Version 2. Q:Is the snapshot to be manipulated (restoring pseudo snapshot, keeping keypair, rehashing)?
      • A: Yes. → YaTQA error message.
      • A: No. Q:Is the server 3.10.0+?
        • A: Yes. → OK, snapshot can be deployed. (Verbatim fully 3.10.0+ constellation.)
        • A: No. → Server exception.
Last version to support the 3.9.0 series (including all betas and exp versions). I do not recomment using from (including) 3.0-gamma5 to before (excluding) this version with 3.10.0 servers.

  • Sped up a changing a client’s server groups (not available in real-time mode) by using new query commands clientaddservergroup and clientdelservergroup
  • Internal change RedeemerTS3 to reduce program size by 28 KiB (most methodes are no longer virtual)
  • Fixed determining whether a client’s server groups have been changed in the window mentioned above (so YaTQA can update the client server group list in the previous window if it has one)
  • Removed virtual server limit
  • Updated texts accordingly
  • Increased time limit to February 2020
  • Minimum required server version is now 3.9.0-beta1 (1560506144)
  • Maximum supported server version is 3.9.0, do not use with 3.10.0!
Thanks to everyone who supported YaTQA’s development in the past years. <3
Last version to support the 3.8.0 series (starting with exp1).

  • Fixed a bug that prevented several features that involve queries like clientdbinfo from working
  • Fixed a bug that added a trailing backslash to ts3image:// links
  • Added a context menu item to copy the channel URI to clipboard
  • Added GC19 badge added by TeamSpeak on tuesday
Badge update only.

This YaTQA version is deprecated for several bugs.

  • Added Sponsorship License
  • 2014/2016 tradefair badges now share resources because they look the same in SVG format
  • Updated Gamescom 2018 Hero to the post-September-2018 version