1. Alligatoras

    TeamSpeak - Badges List & Details

    SVG Icon SVG Icon Details Badge Details PNG Icon PNG Icon Details Badge Code / Availability ________ ________ Coolest Hat This user won the Coolest Hat Award 17dfa0dc-b6e6-42fd-8c9c-b7d168f0823e Non - Assignable Platform Test Badge Available Until Never ________...
  2. h1web

    About Gamescom 2018 Badge

    Gamescom Codes: @h1web'sContent! Hello guys, some friends are at Gamescom Right now, i found a screenshot of ASUS Website but i cant read the Code (Right from the Monitor). Hopefully, someone is sending me the Code ASAP! We also found TIM SPEAK ;-) First People already have their new...
  3. Patchz2

    Email from Teamspeak with Badge Code

    Hey, I just got an email from Teamspeak which told me that TS5 will be released in 2018 Q4 (last 3 months) and told me to make sure that i sign up to the beta. But where do i sign up for that? Here's the picture of that email: also there was a code for the Jedi Badge.
  4. Celso

    AntiBadges 2018-01-24

    With this PHP-Script you can kick all clients that using myTeamSpeak badges.
  5. Bluscream

    Custom Badges 0.9.3

    "Custom Badges" script for pyTSon allows you to set any Badges you want including the ones you can not normally get.
  6. Patchz2

    Multiple Teamspeak Badges?

    Hey, i wanted to know how i display/show the same badge(Like Gamescom, Mifcom and so on) multiple times in myteamspeak. Ive seen some people who had the Blue Gamescom badge 2 Times displayed, and i also saw one guy who had 3 4Netplayers Icons (the same) displayed. He told me he did it with...
  7. h1web

    TS3 "rocketbeansTV" badge - FREE REDEMPTION!

    Use the code RWGE2NURJZ at :)
  8. M

    Solved VIP Not Added Yet?

    I have Payed Via Paypal 10$ for The 3 Month and had not received my VIP Badge Yet im sorry im just new and i want help If You need Screenshots ill send them Privately *for proof*