1. PaXe

    Packet Loss via Query

    Hey! I'm not quite sure if this is the right Forum for this, if not please move it to the right one! I'm trying to create a querybot that detects a bad connection and moves you away. And in my opinion the most accurate way to do this would be with the packetloss, however I can't find a way to...
  2. fahad

    TS3 bot - room creating

    NOT MY BOT ! TS3-Web-channel-manager TS3 PHP query script which allowes users to manage their channels Getting Started To run this bot you need to upload files to webhosting, import database in MySQL DB, edit config.php with own info and thats it. If all run smooth you can access on...
  3. h1web

    TS3 Music Bot with SPOTIFY!

    TS3 MusicBot let's you control your music from a TeamSpeak servers channel via chat. Requirements: - Linux based os in a virtual machine or spare computer Installation: Go to Wiki for instructions on installation. Commands: All commands start with...
  4. InSide24

    Auto Idle AFK Mover PHP Bot 1.0

    This bot moves users who have not talked for XXX Minutes (idle) into a defined channel. Functions & Settings: Dont move Client if in defined Groups Dont move Client if in defined Channel Maximal Idle Time in Minutes Channel User will be moved in Message that should be send to User when he got...
  5. JimmyNail a bot for big Communities

    We at TerraBot are working on a project with which we try to inspire the users and make many functions in Teamspeak easier. Via you can set up and configure your dynamic banner. This site is currently still in Alpha and will be developed further. With new ideas and extended...
  6. Najsr

    TeamSpeak 3 Modular Bot - C# BETA

    TS3 Modular Bot Introduction A simple to use auto loading bot with many features! Requirements This module requires the following modules/libraries: TS3QueryLib.Net - already included (please read it's license) Installation Download latest version of Modular Bot and build it. After you...
  7. T

    Steambot(Like, Commend)

    Hey, i need a Bot which using a Accoutlist to Like Steam Guides, Artworks and Screenshots, Comment Steam Profiles and Follow Guide Profiles. I will pay for it. PSC & PP. Kind Regards, Tim
  8. kalle

    Tutorial TS3 Webchannel menager

    Hi all, few people here requsted this script for their TS3 servers. So I decided to make it and share it. So here you are. Github NOTE: - This script is fast-made so it means that its not perfect. So additional bugs may appear, ask me in thread for fix. - Dont delete channels from ts3 server...
  9. E

    Teamspeak Slot Changer 2

    *This tutorial is based on Linux Ubuntu. Upload the file to a server Extract it Edit line 14 to match your server and change the desired offset on line 42 14 $tsHandle =...
  10. elkhayder

    Activation Bot

    Here he is an Activation Bot for Teamspeak 3, Just edit the config file
  11. FR3SHL1NK

    [RELEASE] FTS3QueryBot [PHP]

    FTS3QueryBot Description : FTS3QueryBot is a set of scripts to animate your TeamSpeak with different tools. It is free under the condition of the GPLv3 license. Requirements : To run FTS3QueryBot, you will need to have some things: PHP 5 or more A query access on your TeamSpeak Tools ...
  12. Celso

    AntiBadges 2018-01-24

    With this PHP-Script you can kick all clients that using myTeamSpeak badges.
  13. Newcomer1989

    TeamSpeak 3 - Ranksystem 1.3.21

    What it is... The TSN Ranksystem is Bot, written in PHP, which assigns time based server groups on your TeamSpeak 3 sever. It is open source and free to use under GNU GPLv3 license. To make an simple example: server group: needed time Level 1 3...
  14. Kieran

    Tutorial Block "Server" Spammer

    I'm not good at tutorials so maybe consider correcting mistakes/making the text more understandable for other people. You have probably already seen something called "Server" on your TeamSpeak Server that sends messages to clients and advertises a service or something like that...
  15. fahad

    New ClanBot idea

    Name of the script: ClanBot Functions of the script: you go to a website and click create a clan and says name your clan If you have 10 players on your room it will move your room up and make 5 sub-channels and make a clan and make a server group with the name that he put on the website . Why do...
  16. batizisanya

    Ban or ignore advertiser bots

    Hello, I run a small teamspeak server, and a week ago every day come a bot to server, send message everyone(who not admin) then disconnect. The message something like this: <19:45:12> "Administrator": Sorry CONNECT TO NEW TEAMSPEAK IP - ***.***.220.108:9061 , HERE WILL BE CLOSED IN 1...
  17. P

    Ban Guest Serverquery client

    Hey! Today i went to my server as normal guest, and there is a guest serverquery client, who spamming this message every 5 minutes to all user in pm: <14:53:34> "Server": Create You Free TeamSpeak 3 Server 100 slots : <14:53:34> "Server": Erstellen Sie Ihre kostenlose...
  18. Bluscream

    [Ruby] RBMod

    NOTE: This bot didn't got updated for a long time so use it with caution in a sandbox or atleast a different user. Homepage (Offline): Download: Changelog:
  19. S

    Join = Ban/kick - Channelscript

    Hello, does someone has a script - if someone joins a specific channel (like channel A) a bot ban him for like 5 min's or something like that and put's a counter in the Channel description. "XXX successfully banned"
  20. anonz

    WebControl Painel ICON/Channels

    Hi, Does anyone know where can I get this type of script ?