1. pwn3r


  2. 5

    TeamSpeak Statistics Website

    Teamspeak Statistics Website Hey guys, my name is 5oClutch. I have just made a website that allows Teamspeak 3 server owners to monitor their user statistics. We allow you to monitor the average users per day and also all the users online on that particular day. I am currently adding more...
  3. S

    Suggestion UID Server Group Assign From Websites

    Hello has any one got a script were people put there UID In A Website And They Get Pokes A Code And They Can Pick 5 Server Groups Please Help Thanks
  4. Alligatoras

    Free Teamspeak Website (Wruczek)

    Alligatoras submitted a new resource: Free Teamspeak Website Template (Wruczek) - Free Teamspeak Website Template (Wruczek) Read more about this resource...
  5. MrKek

    What's behind that short link? - How to detect short link target.

    Hello R4P3 Member! I found this little Website here, with it you can scan a short link and get the target of it. It has many futures like Content Analysis, Web of trust (WOT) and HTTP Details (HTTP Header, HTTP Status Code...) Website: Example: will result to...
  6. panteL

    Channel Create Script [Webinterface]

    Use on your own risk! PROJEKT CANCELED! Because of personal stuff, Sorry! Original Script was created by Member @AnonymousSV Basically I translate the Script from Romania to German (English is following soon) I modify and change the following things: no sub channel needed (removed) no...
  7. Ibo

    Teamspeak website script

    Hi. Sorry for my bad English but I will to do my best I was join teamspeak server and this server has website with client panel . I can give my self groups like the picture in the link Plz guys if some one know how can I do this just put the files or...