Debunking Photoshopped Memes


Apr 25, 2015
Notice: a lot of websites spread photoshopped images which oftentimes become memes (like 4chan). Discerning between fact and fiction can sometimes become questionable. Allow us to have a thread to slaughter some memes and potentially track their origin. This can serve as an educational and joint task force to offer widespread intelligence training. Because the Internet is mostly dumb. I mean humans make the Internet go from 0s and 1s to dumbsh1t0.

Allow me to start:


The above image was posted to the Internet back in October of 2012. This was part of a routine picture dump on Kill My Day Now and the rumor is that this is some type of a dance, possibly a charity dance of some type! Who the fuck knows? Hard to track something loosely slipped into the Internet from 2012. If you take on this challenge, make me look dumb and quote this please.

What did people turn the above image into? Someone posted to Imgur in 2015 a photoshopped version that ended up topping the awkward section.


As you can see, someone moved the old man's hand from the side, to the front into a sexual position.

This looks slightly real and the Internet turned this into a meme "when your grandpa asks you to dance", for a larger version just check here.

Tools used: (Reverse Image Search Engine) and (Internet Archive)
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