How to protect your privacy in Discord


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May 8, 2015
Many people are concerned about the privacy on Discord, including @Asphyxia and i can indeed confirm that Discord is very fishy right there.

But there are ways to gain some privacy/security and i want to share thoose.

  • Opt-out of Bugsnag: Discord is using to debug their applications. What it does? Basically every time a Javascript error appears in your client/browser a Discord developer recieves a email including a stacktrace of that error (Which does not contain any variables). I created a little JavaScript code snippet to remove all Bugsnag functionality from your client/browser:
    var element = document.querySelector('[data-apikey]');
    Bugsnag = function(){}
    Bugsnag.metaData = {
        i18n: {
            chosenLocale: "en-US"
        voice: {
            enabled: false,
            mute: true,
            deaf: true,
            inputVolume: 0,
            outputVolume: 0,
            mode: "PUSH_TO_TALK"
    Bugsnag.noConflict = function(){};
    Bugsnag.notify = function(){};
    Bugsnag.notifyException = function(){};
    Bugsnag.refresh = function(){};
    Bugsnag.user = {
        email: "[email protected]",
        id: "00000000000000000",
        name: "StopSniffingYouCreeps",
        password: "Seriously?"
    Paste this in your client's/browser's developer console ( [ CTRL ]+[ SHIFT ]+[ I ] ) or included it in a BetterDiscord plugin to use it (Note that it needs to get executed on every page load!).
  • Opt-out of Mixpanel: Visit to opt out of Mixpanel.
  • Use Encryption: Discord basically OWNS your messages, that's why i created a little plugin to encrypt your messages you can find more information about the plugin here.
  • Use multiple accounts: Then you are simple harder to track, you find a plugin here to make the process of accountswitching easier and faster in the official client.
If you are interested in learning more about Discord privacy/security i would love to invite you to the unofficial R4P3.NET Discord server and/or the Discord Rebels server (To get a invite that can be used once and lasts 6 hours just PM me).
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Apr 25, 2015
Voice comms are still exchanged over a centralized infrastructure which puts every users voice data at-risk unless you made up your own encryption for voice encryption. ;)

People like freedom and control (safety/security too), Discord does not really give that to users. You get free hosting/servers, use it or host something yourself.. that is not Discord. People that use Discord simply do not understand the risk of their voice being listened to by anyone that breaks into Discord or staff or.. maybe they just do not care about privacy.