teamspeak 3

  1. C

    ABC php script

    I want a php script that moves the rooms on the teamspeak server in alphabetical order.
  2. D

    i wanna help in Activation by my websit

    Hi guys , How can I prevent multiple identity in my TeamSpeak server and members are activated through the site If the codes or bots are linked to the databases, it is better , please help me .
  3. pwn3r

    Selling Sponsorship License

    I'm not sure if this is the right section for this but I'm sure a lot of people here are striving to get Licenses for their communities since the emulator crack was gone. Anyway, I'm selling my 512 slots Sponsorship license since I am no longer into maintaining my community. You can choose...
  4. fahad

    Need a Teamspeak php Developer

    ✦ need a developer important please ✦ ✦ i'll pay for the work ✦ ✦ my discord FHD#8898 ✦
  5. X

    Global Ban Bot

    Hey everyone I was just wondering if it would be possible to a Global Banlistscript for Ts3. My Idea was a PHP Script which "controls" the user when he's connecting to the server. Somthing like the following: User Connects to the server > Bot checks the DB > OK > User enjoys your TS / BAD >...
  6. Clansen

    3.?.? without TS3Hook?

    Hello, Does anyone know how to get Version 3.?.? without using TS3Hook? I'm asking because if I use TS3Hook in 3.3.2, my Badges are only shown to myself (and not to other Users) and I'd like to use 3.?.? without losing my Badges Thanks in advance Clansen
  7. mkll11one

    Need PHP Script for change permission on channels.

    Hi, I'm searching after A PHP script, (if it's possible) and make a script, where it will "change" on all virtualservers's channels, where this permission i_channel_needed_permission_modify_power need to changes to 75. It will be a bit hard to change "manually on YaTQA" If it could be...
  8. N

    Store data in an addon

    Hey, I am writing a Teamspeakaddon in C based on the example plugin(.c) and I was wondering how to store (and retrieve) a char-array/string during multiple sessions, like for example in a config system. I found some code about probably related stuff in ts3plugin_init() but I'd be really glad if...
  9. PaXe

    Teamspeak Server does not update properly!

    Hello :) So I have this problem that my TeamSpeak server does not update properly. Originally i thought that I knew how to update the server, just unpack the new server version in the directory of the old server. However after I start the server back up I am still on version 3.7.1 even though...
  10. NatureNMoon

    Tutorial TeamSpeak3 IPTABLES (99.9% DDOS PROTECTION)

    Hi everyone, I would really like to let know that this script will block almost all (D)Dos attacks and will keep your TeamSpeak3 servers alive! PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO READ THE DETAILED DESCRIPTIONS IN IPTABLES SCRIPT! 1- All UDP ports will be under TeamSpeak3 DDoS Protection Zone (You can...
  11. M


    Hello There, I am using the regular Teamspeak 3 PlugIn SDK and i am trying to write a PlugIn wich is able to connect to a server. I've read the docs and tried to code it myself several times without success. Has anybody a sample Code in C or C++ from a Plugin wich successfully connects to a...
  12. Rikku

    [PreRelease] TeamSpeak 3 Server 3.7.0 Beta

    today we released the first beta for upcoming server 3.7.0. This server version adds a new feature that the upcoming (not yet released) "TeamSpeak 5 client" needs. The TS 3 client & ServerQuery will not see anything new here but it could be that user interactions may have a bigger impact on...
  13. JimmyNail a bot for big Communities

    We at TerraBot are working on a project with which we try to inspire the users and make many functions in Teamspeak easier. Via you can set up and configure your dynamic banner. This site is currently still in Alpha and will be developed further. With new ideas and extended...
  14. S

    Teamspeak crash

    Hello to you I come here to help I explain to you that it's been many months since I have a Linux VPS with Debian, above I have Teamspeak server version (crack for slots) the problem is that there is now 1day I test of put a script for sinus but I deleted it because it did not work...
  15. L

    Tivet - Teamspeak 3 Dynamic Banner 1.0.3

    Important Create cache folder if not exist main folder. Status 1.0.3 Changelog for 1.0.3 [~] Cache handler changed to Zend Cache Features UTF-8 Support Template Engine (Dark and Light template included) Multi Language Support (Turkish and English added) OOP Configurable Cache System for...
  16. R3TR0

    Need free TS3 |No ads?|

    Hello everyone can someone help me, i need ts3 server , it can be with ads but without kick ads tnx ....
  17. XARON

    Server AFK Checker (Web & SvSide)

    Hi, i've got script request from @BIOS . This script is controlling client last login times. If someone has not connect in within the last 24 hours, the server changes its name to "AFK". You can use with (web) cron or sleep looped while in command line. Like for more scripts. Have fun :)...
  18. h04X

    Teamspeak ³ unique ID spoof/fake

    hey people wanted to ask you if it is possible to fake or spoof the unique ID or is that at all possible
  19. F

    Php TeamSpeak-Slotchanger on Join

    Name of the script: TeamSpeak-Slotchanger Functions of the script: 4 Players are Online (Maxclients changed: 9)> 1 User Join ( Maxclients changed: 10) > 2 User Join (Maxclients changed: 12) Why do you want it: For my Teamspeak. I try to sript myself but i failed. Screenshots: / Original source...
  20. Rikku

    AnyDate by Reedemer 2.1

    You want to test something with a specific client version? This program makes an update / downdate of the TeamSpeak client to any version 3.0.3 or later. Simply specify folder (if there is no TeamSpeak installed, TeamSpeak will be installed there automatically),Version and select the platform...