a VPS to perform DDoS attacks??


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Jan 26, 2020
VPS that is Nulled= VPS That has installed ubuntu server with IP Address being untraceable, Also you can only access it with SSH key via Putty. I was watching one guy on TeamSpeak Showing us that type of VPS He called it Nulled VPS... "if you pay 200$ for VPS you're being scammed." Never getting arrested, never getting down, you have your own Botnet on that VPS.
You are talking nonsense, my man. Any IP address is traceable, you can see upstream from any IP address in the world. You may be mean of IP spoofing, but in fact, IP spoofing is also traceable on the upstream level.


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Nov 20, 2019
Similarly as @_Atlantiss is mentioning, there are also ways to spoof IP addresses online.

P.S. there is more packets involved in DNSSEC, so you bet your arse DNSSEC amplification exists and is more powerful if you know how to properly stress test (yourself)

These are contained in RRSIG records and are indeed usually very large.

I've seen them in the wild for quite a while now utilizing 10,000+ byte RRSIG query responses, although they usually get fragmented into multiple packets.