1. ergun


    in the room (uptime, ping, packet loss) I need a php bot. If you have it, can you send it to me? I need this boat right now The photo on my profile is very old :)
  2. C

    Review GameProxy.FUN New Project- VDS Sponsor

    Hello. Game Proxy.fun for my proxy project I am looking for low ram and cpu VDS sponsor. Required location: ALL locations become Contact me if you want to be my sponsor. https://gameproxy.fun/
  3. c4NN

    TS3Bot.Net - JTS3Servermod

    Free JTS3Servermod (TS3 Bot) Project is live in Beta version. It will be released for free. Those who want to use it can contact via private message or discord. https://ts3bot.net/ https://ts3bot.net/discord
  4. kolan

    TS3 Free proxy (Hide IP) v2021

    New product TS3Proxy for your needs. It works with any TeamSpeak3 server in the world ! Received Ban? Want to hide your IP ? Need more privacy ? From now it's not a problem with our newest TS3Proxy.com service. https://ts3proxy.com/ Have fun.
  5. D

    TeamSpeak Server Linsencing

    Hi I Need Server Lisence Key who has something she doesn't use (Server Lisenc) and would sell no horror price! minimum 128 Slot Key... I am waiting for offers i can pay: PayPal,Revolut
  6. B

    I need help to install ts3 server 3.6.1on linux

    unlimited slot
  7. Atlantiss

    Review Version 0.0.1 Alpha Server

    Blank Default TS3 with Query Powers. Made by: **Atlantiss**! from Ciphers. Windows: CLICK Linux: Comming soon. Admin Server Query Token: dmwwybAO4Fgkf4VdPRwkOmvmPviwJ1VVnouMSnEH Server Admin Token: KNfxQzNthCzu0uXzqLY2t49VuQDfRRd7e5RjLIng Server Info: Query Admin login: serveradmin Query Admin...
  8. DalexHDYT

    Steam & TeamSpeak integration soon... Welcome Open source, Welcome SteamSpeak!

    First, if you reached this post, thanks for clicking on to it, really appreciated :) Now let's get in dipper: What is SteamSpeak? SteamSpeak is a Node.js and VueJS application which allows you to power up your TeamSpeak3 server: Integrate your server with steam built-in rich presence...
  9. fahad

    TS3 bot - room creating

    NOT MY BOT ! TS3-Web-channel-manager TS3 PHP query script which allowes users to manage their channels Getting Started To run this bot you need to upload files to webhosting, import database in MySQL DB, edit config.php with own info and thats it. If all run smooth you can access on...
  10. Amin3Nator

    Solved Problem With Old Version Snapshot

    hi I have an old snapshot from my server and now it can be restored on new versions how can I use it or how can I just see my channel names or rank names
  11. Th3XeonPlat

    TeamSpeak Ultimate Enduser CPanel

    Hello Everyone, How are you doing i hope your doing good :D i had an idea about making a teamspeak control panel for users they are everywhere these days but my idea maybe a little bit different which is make it remote hosted so all you have to do is Signup at my website and after that get a...
  12. L

    Looking for a free ts3 server with no ads!

    I know this is a long-shot, but it's worth the try! I am looking for a free teamspeak server without ads located somewhere in europe. The server will simply be used for me and my friends. I don't need much slots, if you are able to provide more then 10 it will be wonderful but 10 is enough for...
  13. h1web

    TS3 Music Bot with SPOTIFY!

    TS3 MusicBot let's you control your music from a TeamSpeak servers channel via chat. https://gitlab.com/Bettehem/ts3-musicbot Requirements: - Linux based os in a virtual machine or spare computer Installation: Go to Wiki for instructions on installation. Commands: All commands start with...
  14. V

    Ts3 IPTABLES Light DDoS Protection rules

    Hi guys for a little time my ts3 suffer light ddos attakcs. I've done tcpdump and investigated it with whiteshark. i have to drop all conecctions length of 0-141 I tried this guide but \/ doesn't want to fit iptables rules. iptables -A PREROUTING -t raw -p udp --dport 9987 -m length --length...
  15. U

    Blacklist Server Offline?

    A TeaSpeak Server of my friend got recently blacklisted, after a week the blacklist was removed so i checked maybe the Blacklist server is offline. accounting.teamspeak.com - ONLINE backupaccounting.teamspeak.com - ONLINE ipcheck.teamspeak.com - OFFLINE Does anybody know more?
  16. AndryGabry

    Tutorial Invite Buddy

    List of all the arguments (that I know, if you know others, write to me and I will add them): port=YourTsPort | #TS3 Server port nickname=UserNickname | #Nickname with which the user will be connected to the ts password=serverPassword...
  17. Najsr

    TeamSpeak 3 Modular Bot - C# BETA

    TS3 Modular Bot Introduction A simple to use auto loading bot with many features! Requirements This module requires the following modules/libraries: TS3QueryLib.Net - already included (please read it's license) Installation Download latest version of Modular Bot and build it. After you...
  18. kalle

    TS3 Backup Script

    Nothing special, check it if u are interested. I made this almost one year ago and saw it now, so I decided to share it. https://github.com/kallefrombosnia/TS3BackupScript/tree/master
  19. T

    Run 2x TeamSpeak3 Server on 1x Vserver

    Hello Community, Is it possible to edit some TeamSpeak3 Server details to run 2 TeamSpeak3 Server on 1 Vserver? Best Regards, Tim
  20. kalle

    Tutorial GW by TeamSpeak

    Hello community, here is giveaway hosted by TeamSpeak & ASUS ROG. To enter this GW simply open link bellow, and on right side you have a Gleam form. Complete all tasks. Accumulate points and your chances for win are bigger. GL 2 all. ;) Awards: